Herb Sorensen
Herb Sorensen
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The most sought out speaker on shopping insights today
Title: Global Scientific Director, TNS Shopper Insights
Available for: Speaking Engagements and Workshops
Travels from: Portland, Oregon, USA
Fee Range: $10,000 U.S. Domestic plus expenses
$20,000 International plus expenses
Contact: Bill Hruby, bill.hruby@tns-sorensen.com
+1-503-491-2231, USA


  • Retail executives
  • Brand product suppliers
  • Architects, designers, merchandisers
  • Trend watchers interested in emerging paradigms

Program Titles:

100+ Years of Retailing:
The Return to Personal Selling

Walk into a store 100 years ago and you actually received personal attention from a sales person. Today, with mass media and mass production, retailers have forgotten how to sell. This thought-provoking presentation looks at the social evolution of retailing, how it has reflected societal changes and ways in which cutting edge retailers are accelerating sales and profits with a return to "personal selling."

Game Changing Retail:
Beyond Category Management

Retailers are losing millions of dollars every day because they don't understand shopper behavior. This game-changing presentation provides new insights into how to design stores and manage and merchandise inventory for dramatic sales increases. Learn what three "votes" shoppers make on every trip that determine what they'll buy and how to leverage secondary placement strategies without actual secondary placements.

The Vision Thing:
Shopping Through Customers' Eyes

Ninety percent of all the sensory information arriving in the brain comes from the eyes. What the shopper sees and what they react to isn't random and haphazard. Shoppers look down, not up. They look more to their left than to their right. This presentation visually deconstructs, second-by-second, the purchase process, including interaction with the products, POS promotions, signage, staff and other shoppers to provide an eye-opening insight into how to sell more effectively.

Herb speaking at the
Stockholm School of Economics

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Video - The Holy Grail of Retail
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"Herb Sorensen's unequivocal knowledge of retail, coupled with his excellent speaking style, have made him a consistently high ranking and sought-out speaker at our conferences."

— Ronit Lawlor
In-Store Marketing Institute

"What Herb Sorensen shares about how customers shop and how you can use it to improve your customer's shopping performance and your earnings is long overdue."

— Norm Myhr
Fred Meyer Stores

"Herb Sorensen opens the doors to a new world. He challenged my long-held beliefs."

— Jens Nordfalt
Nordic School of Retail Management